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Boudoir Feedback

Kate & I were thrilled to receive this message from a recent boudoir client... 
I logged on to send you a message and I just wanted to say thank you so much! I never expected to love my pics and I really really do! LOL...I thought I might like a couple but I really love them all!! You guys really made this experience so great and like I said, I can't wait to do another shoot :) - SD
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One from a recent boudoir session - we share the love of great shoes, and we speak the same language "Prada".
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More Boudoir...

A very special thank-you to our client for letting us share these images. We don't really need to use words like 'stunning' and 'gorgeous' because I think her images speak for themselves!  
The session was done in the privacy and comfort of her condo. We also had the pleasure of working with the fabulous Colleen Ryan who, as always did an amazing job on the makeup.

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Boudoir Is Back

We are so excited that our client has generously let us share the gift we helped her create for her husband-to-be! Using images from her session, we created a custom designed fine art album and she has given us permission to share the layout.  
We've been doing boudoir sessions for years but were always shy about sharing images. With the recent resurgence in popularity of Boudoir photography we thought now was the time.  
If you're looking for a special gift for you as well as your special someone, contact us today. We have special pricing for sessions booked now through November 30th!! 
WOW. Is that me? Alex & Kate you are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! I was very nervous going into this - you should have seen me trying to buy these outfits. I had no idea what I was doing, it was quite embarassing. But these images are beyond amazing. I've never considered myself sexy, nor do I know how to act sexy but these photos are hot!!  
I can't thank you enough for your professionalism - its not easy running around in your undies. I know Jeff* is absolutely going to love these!! Its going to make for an amazing gift!! You definitely need to start doing more of these sessions!
(*name changed for privacy)
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