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Window-Light Photo Tip

When you're inside and want to take a picture of someone, ask them to stand facing a window. Depending on your camera and how close you want to crop, your subject should be about 2-3 meters away from the light source  and the bigger the window, the better. Then stand with your back to the window and face your subject. Avoid direct sun, and by the way, this technique doesn't work when it's dark outside :) Another variation is to use the front door of your home. Open the front door and have your subject stand or sit just inside facing the doorway. You then step outside, shooting your subject through the open door.
...and the resulting image.
One more from the same series. Notice the sparkle in Sophia's eyes?
This is actually a reflection of the light source and is called a "catch light". In this case you can see the sky through the open door.
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