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Holiday Photo Tips

The holidays are a great time to photograph your friends and family. So, whether you're using a smartphone or maybe Santa brings you a new DSLR - the following 4 tips can help with the creation and preservation your images.  
1: Get Level with Children 
It's easy to whip out your camera or phone and just start shooting but if you drop down to your little one's level, you'll often get a better image.
2: Move in Closer 
Not sure about your home but things can get a little messy around here. Nine times out of ten your pictures can have more impact by getting in closer. If you're using a camera with a zoom lens - zoom in tighter. If you are using a smartphone try zooming with your feet - ie just take a step or two closer. This is always a better option over using the digital zoom - ie pinching the screen.
3: Shoot Moments 
It's so easy to ask your subjects to stop and look at the camera - we do it all the time :) This time of year is full of activities so why not try and capture some moments as well. The simple things happening around us all the time are so easy to take for granted but may make for some of your favourite images as the years go by.
4: Backup your images! 
More images are being created today than ever before in history. While it's wonderful to have so much recorded, we all run the risk of losing these electronic bits. I've heard many sad stories about failed hard drives and damaged smartphones.  
You really want to have at least two digital copies of everything you shoot. There are numerous cloud based services that can automate this process. We use Dropbox - Apple and Google also have tools you can use that cost very little.  
Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about setting something up for your images.
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