jessica - what an encredible collection of pictures. So pure and real. wow. Tears are still streaming. Absolutely beautiful.  1.27.12, 8:48am

Natasha Gould - What a brave women!!! Alex, once again you made the experience seem as if the viewer was really there. You do an amazing job. I wish I could book a session for every family moment. Natasha Gould  3.1.11, 12:54pm

Audrey - Congratulations on your miracle and thanks for sharing these beautiful moments. AM  8.4.10, 10:54am

Sindy - Thanks to all of you for sharing this miracle. Kudos to "Mom" and "Dad" for sharing such an intimate event and Alex, to you for capturing it so beautifully and tastefully. This was truly amazing and brought back a flood of tears, as my boy turns 17 this coming week.  7.30.10, 8:09pm

Elizabeth - OMG! this was sooooo amazing, I had tears at the end. Beautiful.  7.29.10, 11:37pm

Ardel MacPherson - I feel very lucy to have met you both, Alex and Kate. You are artist at your work and wonderful people. Both of you are very caring. Thank you for making the birth of my grandson so beautiful. We can have this for years to come. It is so different what you can do today. When Charlene was born we only had a camera with a roll of 12 pictures and half of the pictures didn't turn out. Big changes in thirty years.  7.28.10, 5:09pm

Alana - I am thankful there are people like you, that have such an amazing talent. Thank you Alex for capturing such a wonderful, family event.  7.27.10, 7:29pm

Charlene - Thank you Alex. Already, two weeks later, I start to forget the little details that made the experience so powerful. And then, I look at the pictures and it comes back. I never want to forget how it felt for Jeff and I to deliver this little boy, it was a wonderful ( and exhausting :) few days. Also I will not forget your 3am trip to the hospital or quick return the next morning. I am so glad we did this.  7.27.10, 6:40pm

amanda - Beautiful!  7.27.10, 9:12am

Steph - Awesome job, very tasteful and amazing keepsake! More people should have birth photography!  7.26.10, 8:59pm

Wanda - Simply amazing. I cried  7.26.10, 8:31pm

Kim - Absolutely beautiful.  7.26.10, 6:40pm

Rebecca Clarke - Wow! This makes me want to cry. So beautiful.  7.26.10, 2:15pm

Juanita Whalen - These are amazing! I would love, love, love to have a birth photographer! I think it's a great idea!  7.26.10, 1:49pm