Kris - Why do you prefer Nikon over Canon?  12.15.11, 11:29am

Alex - Thanks Angela & Kevin - it's a pretty exciting time to buy a camera - there are so many options and the technology is getting so advanced.  6.3.11, 8:01am

Angela MacNeil - Thanks for the tips Alex! Matt and I are looking at getting a good camera and are going in "blind". This will help get us started on our search.  5.31.11, 6:02pm

Kevin Kincaid - That is great advice Alex. I like the case for speciality shops as opposed to big box.... it so helps having experts show you the ins and outs of your camera. Coming back from a trip myself recently, the photos are such a fun part of the experience. I hope your mom and dad enjoy Roma. You definitely need a camera for that city...  5.31.11, 5:36am