Alex - Chantal, What a gift for Ethan - thank-you so much for sharing.  2.11.12, 1:18pm

Alex - PJ, So right about getting the whole family all together. Really looking forward to our session!  2.11.12, 1:16pm

Chantal - My grandfather passed away this past October. I can remember him not being a fan of having his picture taken until Ethan came along. He apparently didn't mind once upon a time when we were kids too, but I wasn't taking pictures back then. Whether he minded or not during the first year of Ethan's life he didn't show it. Now I'm blessed with treasured prints of my grandfather, one the the greatest men I've ever know, displaying his love for my baby boy. My absolute favorite being the one of them laughing together looking at my grandmother while sitting in his shop. My son will be able to look back someday and see these pictures of his grandfather, his best friend.  2.3.12, 12:46am

PJ Mäkinen - Alex and Kate, The timing of this post is so perfect for our family. Just the other day Alanna and I were talking about how we have yet to have a family portrait done. We spend so much time pointing and clicking on our phones with the boys that we have no shots of all 4 of us. This prompted us to call you and work out the dates to finally get this done! You and Kate took such amazing shots at our wedding that we can not wait to see what you will catch with our family that we will be able to treasure forever. See you soon!  2.2.12, 2:05pm