CATHY AND TOM - this is just adorable,sweet family picture. DANNY AND JENN,BRYSON IS JUST SO SWEET  6.2.09, 10:52pm

janice touesnard - this is such a great shot Bryson is a cutie you must be so proud of him. Oh and mom and dad look awesome too!!!  5.31.09, 10:07pm

Graham - OH my god Jenn, he's absolutly adorable! Congrats  5.31.09, 7:56pm

Sandrella - Aww, you guys! He's too cute!  5.31.09, 7:25pm

Shannon Lynch - Wow! Absolutely stunning photograph!!! What a beautiful happy family!! Love it!! Shannon  5.31.09, 6:59pm

Valerie Bechard - What an adorable picture. You guys should be on the cover of a magazine. Bryson is sure hamming it up. He is adorable and I am very anxious to see him - this week I hope. Love Aunt Valerie  5.31.09, 10:40am

Aunt Tena - Wow!What an awesome picture!!What an awesome family.Just beautiful!What can I say!!Bryson is sooooo adorable!!!  5.30.09, 11:35pm

Sheila Mombourquette - Just beautiful...I love this picture, but I knew I would, seeing the shot in real life. I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures......grandma  5.30.09, 6:29pm

Kathy Cunningham - My beautiful nephew!...and his gorgeous parents! Love you guys!  5.30.09, 6:27pm