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Family Photography

One of our most treasured possessions is the 70-year old photograph of Kate's grandparents holding hands outside the church on their wedding day. It hangs framed on the wall in our hallway, reminding us of our connection to family past, present and future.

We're very conscious of sharing this sense of belonging with our daughter Sophia, purposefully capturing our lives as they unfold, as she grows and as our own family evolves. That may be why we’ve always approached family photography with a great deal of honour and respect. Playfulness, too, to show family life in the happiest moments. Snapshots are great at chronicling days, people we’ve met, and places we've visited. But professional photography can capture real moments. It can tell a story, connect the characters and bring families to life years and years into the future.


Let us capture the glow before the joy of arrival. We'll steal some time (ideally in your seventh month) to photograph you looking beautiful, refreshed and relaxed.

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New Born

The newborn stage passes in the blink of an eye; so fast we often forget. Children love to see themselves as babies and take pride in their own growing up. Keep these perfect, priceless moments to remember and remind.

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Alex and Kate make photography fun!

When we were expecting our daughter, I asked my wife what she wanted more than anything else, and Keltie said she wanted Alex and Kate to take family photos.

There are many people who can take a picture, but what Alex and Kate do is art. I could go on about how they help you get the right shots, make you feel comfortable, and in general create a fun experience, but what I think speaks volumes is when I go into any of my family's it in NS, NB, BC or LA....I see an Alex & Kate photo in a focal spot.

- Adam Perritt
6 Months

A happy, sitting baby makes the perfect model with bright eyes and belly laughs. Portraits of your 6-month-old capture their emerging personality traits and give a glimpse of a small person interacting with a big new world of delight.

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1 Year

Celebrate this major milestone for keeps. The one-year mark is the perfect opportunity to preserve the image of your growing child, your young family, and your love of laughter and activity together.

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2-5 Years

Dressed up or dressed down, young children love to play. At this stage your child already is who they will become; allow us to capture their one-of-a-kind-ness before they're too hard to pin down.

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Growing Family

Family life is a whirlwind of activity. Capture your shared passions in authentically active settings. Document your kids' interests, recall what made family fun. Gather together for family portraits - kids from 5 to 25; multiple generations; traditional settings or spontaneous outbursts - to respectfully document who your family is.

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